Links and access to published single cell datasets will appear here as they become available. Feel free to reach out to us with questions.

SECOND TRIMESTER NEOCORTICAL AREAS (10X + SPATIAL TRANSCRIPTOMICS)Bhaduri A, Sandoval-Espinosa C, et al. An Atlas of Cortical Arealization Identifies Dynamic Molecular Signatures (2021, Nature).



HUMAN CORTICAL ORGANOIDS & CORRESPONDING PRIMARY TISSUE (10x) Bhaduri, A., Andrews, M.G., Mancia Leon, W. et al. Cell stress in cortical organoids impairs molecular subtype specification.
 2020 Jan 29; 578: 142–148.



AuTISm & Control Human TelencephaLON (10x) Velmeshev D et al, Single-Cell Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Implicates Upper Layer Neurons and Protoplasmic Astrocytes as Disease Targets
 2019 May 7; 364(6441): 685-689. 



C1 Dataset of 2nd Trimester Developing Human TelencephalonNowakowski N, Bhaduri A, Pollen A et al, Spatiotemporal gene expression trajectories reveal developmental hierarchies of the human cortex
 2017 Dec 8;358(6368):1318-1323.